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Aisle Runners


Aisle Runners are a tradition that adds a “regal” touch to wedding ceremonies. They are most often used in churches, but many couples also incorporate them into their outdoor weddings. It helps to define the aisle of ceremonies that do not take place in a church. Traditionally, a white aisle runner is used in weddings, as it ...

Cake Toppers


Let them eat cake! Wedding Cake is one of the things guests look forward to most. Not only to satisfy our sweet tooth's, but to see how the cake itself looks. No wedding reception is complete without this delicious and beautifully decorated delicacy, completed with a cake topper on top. Cake toppers have been an ancient ...

Unity Ceremony


A Unity Ceremony at a wedding symbolizes the uniting of two families through marriage. One of the most common Unity Ceremonies is with the use of a Unity Candle, where the couple lights a single candle together from their separate family candles. For couples being married outside, however, this can become problematic if it’s a ...